Agrati is Main Sponsor of Roadjob

Agrati is Main Sponsor of Roadjob

The second stage of Roadjob was held today, March 25th: the project launched by Companies, Professionals and Schools of Como, Lecco and Monza Brianza.

Over 250 students of 11 schools, higher technical institutes and universities met the entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in an innovative, “upside down” Career Day, which gave young people a voice, making them the absolute protagonists of the event.

The millennials were welcomed upon arrival by the ‘Navigator’, a tipical term by which Roadjob renamed its partners, headhunters and job agencies who responding to the requests of young people, helped them to find their way in the world of work.

Talent Garden, one of the most famous networking and training platforms, also took part at the event. The initiative also looked at university students with a workshop on the “Personal Branding” conducted directly by LinkedIn.

Roadjob supports the future of the territory encouraging new generations who is looking for an employment, and, in the other hand, it helps companies, deeply innovated by the development of production processes, to find the required skills on the market.

“The larger the number of participants, the greater the number of opportunities we will be able to create – underlines Paolo Pozzi, CEO of Agrati Group – Roadjob sees few team coming from different fields with similar needs. Most of these companies work in manufacturing and find it hard to attract young talent. The problem does not only concern Italy but is also common at global level, in countries where there is a strong development in terms of high technologies . This is why it becomes essential to join forces and to do network, turning our eyes to schools and young people “.

#Agrati, Main Sponsor of this project, continues to invest on #youngpeople and #talents.

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