Agrati Sustainability Report 2019

Agrati Sustainability Report 2019

In May 2020, Agrati Group moved one step forward as an innovative market leader within the fastening systems industry, presenting a Sustainability Report drafted in accordance with the European Union Directive 2014/95/EU, transposed in Italy by the Legislative Decree No. 254, and with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

Agrati Sustainability Report will allow all the relevant stakeholders like customers, suppliers, lenders, employees, public institutions, governments and shareholders, to assess not only the economic and financial performance of the Company, but also the overall sustainability of the organization.

Particular attention is given to environment, safety and governance issues (i.e., the ESG factors), taking also into account Company’ values, governance and organization structure, enterprise risk management (ERM) practices and, finally, the link between Company’s strategy and long-term global economic development.

We decided to publish the document today, June 5th 2020, celebrating the World Environment Day (WED).


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