“Dear Stakeholders,

in light of the clear current global trends, and recognizing its responsibility as an intemational economie actor, Agrati has chosen to adopt sustainability as a guiding pillar in its business model and approach. Agrati intends to integrate innovative economie, social and environmental business practices to deliver long-term value to shareholders, customers, partners, cornmunities, employees and the environment, always keeping in mind that these sustainability practices must be integrated with core business activities. Agrati’s main purpose is to use its scale and expertise to enable a more responsible, balanced and sustainable future.

Ensuring transparency and alignment of interests among the various Stakeholders, Agrati presents the Sustainability Report in its second edition compliant with the recognised GRI Standards and in accordance with the EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial information (2014/95/EU). The information in this document represents Agrati commitment on ESG topics, the practices rooted in the corporate culture and the goals that were placed in order to confirm its piace as a forward-looking leader in the integration of sustainability within business models.

Agrati have achieved considerable results, but on the pursuit of a continuous improvement, we have already identified an ambitious action plan: developing a Carbon and Climate Strategy to direct the Group’s vision towards Carbon Neutrality, innovation through the lens of Circular Economy principles and implementation of a Responsible Supply chain model.

Requirements on environmental, social and compliance issues are part of Agrati culture and presented both in Sustainability Report and Code of Ethics. W e look forward to work together for a more sustainable future and establish a responsible management for environmental, social and govemance topics.”

Andrea Costantini, Vice President and ERM & Sustainability Director