55th ICFG Plenary Meeting: Agrati is main sponsor

Agrati has decided this year to be official sponsor of the 55th ICFG (International Cold Forging Group) Plenary Meeting that took place in Milan, Italy, from 11th to 14th September 2022

ICFG is a nonprofit association established in 1967, bringing together the world’s leading experts and scholars in cold and semi-hot deformation, who meet annually to present the results of their studies and experiences

In all fields of our automotive industry, research is the basis for innovation. With the best players in this area, research centres and universities, this event was the opportunity to meet and share the best each sector has to offer, opening up and collaborating in a logic of open innovation.

The attendees had the opportunity to visit also our Veduggio plant and listened to how Agrati interprets innovation

Our experts from INNOVATION, MANUFATURING, LEAN and HR departments took them on a tour through our production lines, Agrati University and ATC, the Agrati Tech Center.

Once again we explained our point of view, discussing and collecting feedback and interest: It was a great opportunity to discuss about sustainable manufacturing, carbon strategy, methods to reduce the footprint of the coldforming supply chain, showing our know-how, our vision and to look for new synergies and collaborations.