La prima installazione su imbarcazione di TOKBO

TOKBO completes its first ship installation

The flexibility of application of TOKBO, the monitoring system from Agrati and e-Novia that has revolutionised fastening systems by making them ‘intelligent’, is evidenced by the many types of application in which it has played a leading role, from infrastructure to industrial applications.

Ships: a novelty for TOKBO applications

The year 2024 opens with something new for TOKBO: installation on ships.

In fact, at the beginning of February, TOKBO completed the installation on the “Porto Vado X”, an important vessel for Ligurian waters, as it is used, among other things, for anti-pollution operations, under the concessions of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. The vessel, owned by Transmare S.r.l., is an important means of environmental protection against sea spills,

Thanks to its innovative system, installed for the first time on a vessel, TOKBO will monitor the joints of the ship’s engine-propeller transmission system, which will also support water safety off the coast of Sanremo during the seventy-fourth edition of the traditional Festival!

A moment of celebration, but also of gratitude

TOKBO would like to thank Transmare and Fabrizio Conni, its owner and administrator, for the opportunity they have received and for the great passion they have shown, once again putting safety at the heart of their business, and following up on what they said during the Porto Vado X launch ceremony.

This is the comment of Ivan Moroni, CEO of Intelligent Talking Bolt:

It was an immense pleasure for TOKBO to find two Fassi cranes installed on board the ship, effectively joining the first two customers who believed in us, starting from July 2022 for Fassi and from August 2022 for Transmare. At the time Fabrizio Conni, even though this vessel was still at the design stage, had decided to adopt an innovative solution such as TOKBO to protect the safety of this fundamental means of maritime transport.