The new Cleanliness line for increasingly technical cleaning of our products

To keep up with developments in the automotive market (vehicle electrification, digitization, connectivity, etc.) and stand out from the competition, Agrati decided to invest in a new and innovative cleaning process for our products.

Particles on screws can cause failures of vehicle components, especially short circuits, and thus compromise the life of products. The particle washing process allows the level of cleanliness of the screws to be controlled. A vacuum system is also provided to maintain the level achieved, and laboratory tests are performed to verify the level of contamination and monitor the process.

After more than a year of preparation, the new “cleanliness” line and dedicated laboratory were installed at the Val Guiers site.
The commissioning of the new plant will require a major testing phase to ensure that the process meets the customer’s requirements.
The Val Guiers site already has several customer orders for the development of new parts with particle washing.
The trials are ongoing and are very encouraging.
This new technology will enable us to conquer new markets, thus contributing to the development of the Val Guiers site.