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Agrati Group - Total group saving/mio


In optics of continuous improvement, production efficiency, order and cleanliness of the workplace are the key elements that must be seriously considered and, for this reason, the company has now introduced, in a systematic way, the 5S philosophy within the production departments.

This results in a constant people effort to respect the basic principles of 5S philosophy, through self-control and systematic verification, by regular inspections (audit) into departments.

Separate the useless items and eliminate them. Defining a new way to work and taking drastic decisions on this direction.
Therefore it becomes necessary to survey the working place, in order to keep only what is essential and removing useless items, source of waste and dust.

Define a method and a place to locate all items needed to work. Make sure that the necessary equipment is available and easily accessible.
This creates a tidy workplace with a deposit system for useful equipment and eliminating useless stuff.
The result is an efficiency upgrade due to items accessibility.

Define a place for everything and everything in its place.
Clean optimizing activities towards an inspective cleanliness, discover connections between spills, dirt and malfunctions and remove the causes of dirt.

Define the conditions that allows to sustain organization, cleanliness and order practises on time by operative instructions based on experience of the first three phases, creating a structured self-controlled methods and defining a method to investigate and to discover sources of disorder and dirt (using “Red Tags”).

Punctually and  respect of the rules as defined during the previous “4S”.
Make cleanliness and order a daily common practise. Create organizational conditions to prevent degradation by removing sentences like “forget it”, “we have always done in this way”, etc. .. without any exceptions.
Understand that “5S” means to work smarter not harder.