Quality for us:

  • Zero defect to customer means zero defect to final user.
  • We are aware of the importance and criticality of our parts.
  • Our people are trained continuously to outperform customer expectations.


An apparently simple object like a screw, used in hundreds of environments, applications and final products and delivered in millions of parts per hour must ensure an extremely consistent performance and a level much higher than the minimum required by standards.

Quality system

Quality plays a cross role in each AGRATI process, dealing with different mechanisms of verification on the supply/production flows, and is the prior identification of the most critical stages during controls.

Laboratory facilities

One of the main purposes that the company strides to reach underlines the desire to offer to customers a service that is continually improving.

For this reason, the promptness to conduct tests is one of the most powerful company strengths, as well as laboratory tests to analyze the (chemical) behaviour of the product.

The laboratory of Agrati Headquarter is accredited for internal quality control tests by A2LA according to ISO 17025/2005. The n° of accreditation is 0204.01. AGRATI laboratory can perform tests for third parties.


Agrati has an accredited laboratory, dedicated and suitably equipped to carry out all types of destructive and nondestructive tests requested by international standards and customer’s specifications within the area of nuts and bolts.
These tests are performed on each batch of production, after heat treatment and they are required to monitor the quality of the finished product to customer specifications.


Through analytical chemistry, Agrati can make a daily process control on wire rod pickling and bonding, on the lines of heat treatment and integrate, by laboratory tests dedicated to fasteners industry, mechanical and metallographic characterization of the finished product.

About that, it’s important to point out corrosion tests that assume increasing importance in the automotive field.


Needed to complete the mechanical characterization of the finished product, lab makes macro/micro analysis suitable to intercept problems related to heat or surface treatment or to verify the suitability of the processes of forging and rolling.

The metallographic laboratory is modern equipped and it has all the equipment and skills to provide quality service.


Air conditioned room with equipment periodically calibrated, suitable for dimensional control of sizes and geometric tolerances given on customers’ designs and tools drawings suitable for forging operations.

Stage process: quality control during forging, tooling control in acceptance, final inspection on the finished product after surface treatment.