MARBEL: Manufacturing and Assembly of modular and Reusable EV Battery for Environment-friendly and Lightweight Mobility

This is the acronym that resonates in ATC and some technical and commercial offices of Veduggio in the last few months. This magazine is the occasion to communicate to the Group, with big satisfaction, the first significant success concerning the research activity and participation in funded European calls.

MARBEL is the answer to a call called LC-BAT -10-2020, part of the Horizon 2020 Framework Program, created 7 years ago by the European Commission to support research and innovation in the European space.

MARBEL is an ambitious and complex project that will last 42 months starting from January 2021, and will concern the design and construction of next generation battery packs for the automotive mass-market. The innovative challenges will concern the design of the battery pack (design for disassembly, modularity, lightness, crash resistance), the use of recycled materials and solutions in favor of circular economy, the implementation of sensors and control systems („on-board computer“ with „AI – Artificial Intelligence) to increase the reliability and the useful life of the battery pack, also giving value to ultra-fast charging and minimizing the risks typically related to overheating.

Agrati will work in an international consortium with 15 other partners, and will design and produce fastening solutions for the assembly and disassembly of battery packs, with particular attention to innovative solutions to connect the cells together. It will be responsible for the procurement of all fasteners to produce innovative battery packs and it will contribute to the drafting and dissemination of guidelines for the adoption on the European territory of the solutions that will be developed.

In conclusion, there will be a lot of work for this exciting opportunitity that will enrich our international experience in electrification, highlight our brand and support us in the product diversification that we have put in place to follow the contemporary evolution of the automotive sector.

A special thanks to the colleagues of the Innovation team and to the ones directly involved during the shutdown period for the precious and effective technical-administrative and legal work carried out together.

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