Key Account Manager

We are looking for Agrati YAF (China, Shanghai office) a Key Account Manager who participates to the definition of sales strategy in China.

He is responsible for its application in his defined area.

He manages the customer’s relationships who has in charge. The KAM is responsible for the achievement of the defined objectives.

Main responsibilities:

Respecting the strategy and the sales objectives of YAF:
• KAM is in charge to develop relationships and business growth with the customers targets
• Participate the sales strategy and planning for long term and clearly define his/her own business growth plan and implementation plan.
• Visit regularly each targeted customer to identity, obtain information about customer needs, competitor information, market knowledge and share with YAF internal.
• Leader position on to obtain the new opportunity from target customers and achieve the target of order intake by commercial activity and leading action in YAF and Agrati for support needs.
• Negotiate with the customer YAF quotation, contract and successfully hand over win project to project management stage in YAF.
• Watch up business performance in mass production which should meet the contract definition and YAF turnover target. Watch up and follow with customer for payment on time.
• Evaluate regularly the level of customer satisfaction and make proposal for improvement in YAF and Agrati.

• Coordinate with internal of YAF and Agrati to meet customer quality target from quotation stage to project phase and mass production phase.
• Maintain with quality department a flow of information relative to customer’s needs and satisfaction level.
• Participates in audit and customer assessment when requested.

• KAM has no people under his direct responsibility;
• He/She works with the related people in different YAF departments in transversal team;
• Maintains closed relationships with HQ of Agrati for global customer management and business alignment.

• Participates the budget set up and regular turnover performance and forecast update regularly;
• Closely monitor target customer’s economic stability or risk for YAF appropriate reaction of financial safe;
• In charge to follow up customer payment and control the payment terms by contract signed or necessary re-evaluation;
• Obey YAF finance rule and right operate expense in budget and correct way of control and reimbursement; He is in charge for sales objectives achievement and expenses control.

• Take the market/competitor information and intellengence while daily work.
• Learn and understand market trends and become Agrati knowledge in order to support / influence YAF strategy.
• Make proposals for improving AGRATI image on the market, through documentation, exhibitions and communication strategy.

• Established the contract as condition of logistic and delivery service for target customers;
• Support to obtain the PO and valuable Forecast from customer targeted;
• Cooperate with logistic department but to satisfy customer delivery plan as much as we can;


• Working communication with Sales org, YAF functions and global matrix
• Encourage personal communication for interests to build mood of trust, honest, transparency and co-work.
• Kind of support each other and Team Sprit.
• Courage and self-confidence on fair communication with customers.
• Obey the customer rules regarding to compliance.
• Independent thinking and always find the result for Win-Win and be healthy for sustainable customer relationship.


Department: Sales & Marketing