Engineering, development, manufacturing, procurement, quality and supply chain: these are the pillars of the model on which our Full Service Provider philosophy is based on.

How does the model work?

FSP works in a close cooperation, strong and balanced relationship with customers, consolidating the business on fair and professional roots, looking for transparent and sustainable sources: this is a commitment and also the Company’s mantra.

Indeed, Agrati is responsible for the direct supply of material to the customers and they can count on the stable base of the Group’ support and production plants.

FSP well-established internal purchasing division works along with the on-site Quality and Logistic Departments. This allows Agrati to give to the final customer the best solutions in terms of product and price but also the flexibility of a fully equipped logistics centre for every requirement.

Agrati FSP specializes in consignment stock as well, kanban services and customized packaging projects are designed based on the customer needs.


  • Cost Reduction
  • BOM Std / Rationalization
  • Reducing Assembly Time
  • On-Site Support
  • Line-Walks / Teardowns
  • Lightweighting Materials


  • «Make or Buy»
  • Approved Suppliers
  • Sustainable Suppliers
  • Global Base
  • Best Value Solution
  • Competitive Advantage
FSP Model


  • “Zero-Defect” Vision
  • Continuos Improvement
  • Sub-Contractors Q-Rating
  • Quality in Value-Chain
  • Audited Suppliers Base
  • Test and Lab (A2LA)
FSP Model


  • Short leadtime
  • Efficient components flow
  • Kanban / e-Kanban
  • 100% Availability of Parts
  • Safety Stock Strategy
  • Just-In-Time