Special Screws


Special screws produced by Agrati Group offer functions such as self-tapping into sheet metal, self-forming into metal, self-forming screws into plastic counter parts, paint clearing, ground path contact, clinch-ability, weld-ability


Screws are designed to fulfill customer demands on specific application:

  • Adapted geometry thread shape, head and tip shapes,
  • Drive system
  • Mechanical properties and finishing.


Thanks to the licenses available at Agrati Group, the most efficient and reliable function can be offered:

  • Drive systems by Acument Global Technologies (Torx® and Trox Plus® drive family)
  • Self forming screws by Reminc for screwing into metal, sheet metal or so material (Plastite®, Fastite®, Taptite 2000®..)
  • Self forming screws by Ejot (Delta PT®)
  • Anti-cross threading point by Mathread®

Through its capacities and experience in heat treatment, Agrati Group can harden it’s product in accordance with most of automotive standards (quench and tempering according to ISO 898-1), case hardening, carbo-nitriding to adapt the screw to the application.


We can provide a wide range of finishes (corrosion resistance, appearance, friction coefficient, self-locking feature, sealing, induction hardening…) which can be performed internally or at the wide list of qualified sub suppliers according to customer requirements.

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