Full supply chain provider

Full supply chain provider

Agrati FSP, the distribution company owned by Agrati Group, grants a full complement of customized logistic services.

Through FSP, Agrati Group provides the direct management of materials flow to the customer, with the ability to handle reduced flows and capillary delivery.

The mission of FSP is to be a real partner in a changing process with the power of a Manufacturer Group and the flexibility of a logistic provider.


Agrati FSP specializes in consignment stock, kanban services, customized packaging projects.


The company’s capabilities are:

  • Kiting
  • The supply of products that go beyond the fastener
  • Push/Pull service types


Some numbers

  • Turnover: 30.000.000 €
  • 320 customers
  • 52 employees
  • 30.000 managed references, of which 17.000 stored 6200 sqm warehouse
  • 14.000 pallet places
  • Packaging department / kit
  • Certified ISO TS 16949 CORPORATE