Agrati Group can offer its multi-gerational deeprooted experience, deep know-how in fastening systems and new-generation lab equipment and testing capability.

Co-Design service is a dedicated and integrated team which involves Agrati Technical Customer Services and R&D, focused on working directly with the engineering and Customers R&D departments, to design, test and validate all the joints of new automotive and commercial vehicle components and complete full systems.


Agrati manages Co-Design projects by the following macro-steps:

  • Design: we manage the analysis of the joint with its working loads, to make the calculation and design of the fastening systems, integrated by FEM analysis for a complete nonlinear joint calculation; we have dedicated lab tests on components to optimize the calculations and to integrate the database of our proprietary software and workstations with the aim to define the best tailor-made solution. The targets of this macro-phase are the correct design definition and the tightening procedure of the fastening system under investigation.
  • Prototyping: we produce, in-house, small batches of parts which are used for the validation tests; we can offer a very prompt service which cuts the cost and improves efficiency of the development, with a manufacturing process that is representative of the serial process.
  • Testing and Validation: we manage tightening tests on complete systems to validate the tightening procedure, to measure the clamping force by ultrasonic devices, study by experiments the effect of dynamic loads on the joint and the clamping force relaxation, investigate the tribological interaction and influence of coatings over materials, conduct design-by experiment activities and consulting by SEM failure analysis; we are equipped with lastest generation machines to be able to measure the mechanical strength, fatigue performance, chemical composition, friction coefficients, stiffness and torque and tension correlations, corrosion resistance, cleanliness level and metallurgical analysis.

We are equipped to assist our customers complete the testing in customer labs and assembly lines to further improve the efficiency of the development process.

We support our customer all the way the final validation and support them in their SPC activities.


Agrati is a worldwide group which offers value added services through:

  • Knowledge of the products and industrial processes;
  • Knowledge of Customer and international standards;
  • Design of custom made solutions to target the product performances which are driven by the best combination of geometry, material, mechanical properties and surface treatments;
  • Fast and efficient approach to problem solving and innovative solution finding;
  • Design by experiment approach;
  • New-generation lab equipment and testing capabilities integrated by advanced and proprietary software;
  • Team work, skilled staff and transversal competences inside the Group;
  • Confidentiality and consulting activities as a third part.


Agrati grows with the customer by:

  • Understanding the needs and co-developing win-win solutions;
  • Improve design methodologies and spread experience and knowledge in the field of fastening systems;
  • Continuous benchmarking analysis.