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A water-basted topcoat that acts as corrosion prevention layer and as a lubricant.

Coating general description

Water based topcoat with dry to touch finish, acts as a corrosion prevention layer and as a lubricant. Hazy, matte finish that doesn’t alter the appearance of phosphated parts.

Technical advantages
  • Dry to touch
  • Shelf life of finished product is higher than oiled parts; 
  • Friction coefficient stability even under high loads, friction range μtot = 0.08-0.14 (according to ISO16047); 
  • Multi-tightening friction coefficient stability, at least 5 tightenings against:
    • Steel
    • Aluminium
    • KTL 
  • Increased humidostatic chamber red rust resistance, compared to standard phosphated and oiled coatings;
  • Untightening resistance up to 100°C
  • Prevents stick-slip
  • Doesn’t affect the H-embrittlement phenomena; 
  • Very good adhesion.
Application types
  • Bolts and nuts with phosphated conversion layers 
  • Powertrain bolts 
  • Conrod bolts
Suitable substrates
  • Zn Phosphates/μPhosphates 
  • Zn-Ca μPhosphates 
  • Mn Phosphates 
  • Zn-Fe Phosphates
Cleanliness performance

Due to the dry to touch nature of the coating, the cleanliness level tested according to VDA 19 is better compared to screws coated with μ-phosph. + oil.

Application process and environmental safety

Suitable for barrel or rack application processes, needs a curing time at 100°C. The product is ready to use and doesn’t need any dilution.
It is CrVI and heavy metal free.

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*Mn Phosphates, Zn-Fe Phosphates, Zn Phosphates /Zn µ-Phosphates