The impacts of Agrati both on social and environmental sustainability are clear and on this front the Group wants to turn them into an opportunity to rethink its strategy and shift towards a long term value creation approach.

To this end Agrati has developed a Decarbonization Strategy, with the ambition of reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2039 The strategy, developed by the ERM Sustainability function, aims to define a clear decarbonization trajectory, anticipating the milestones set by the Paris Agreement and the EU Green Deal of 2050 Carbon Neutrality.

In order to reach these ambitious targets Agrati will use the following levers in order to reduce its CO 2 emissions the improvement of energy efficiency in various stages of production, the purchase and generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, the use of low impact steel, the shift towards Hydrogen, and the purchase of steel produced from scrap (Electric Arc Furnace process).
With this Carbon Strategy Agrati aims to become a decarbonization leader amongst its peers and aims to remain in line with the sustainable innovations of the automotive industry.

Our Carbon Neutrality Strategy

Baseline and
Strategy Development
-55% Scope 1 and 2
-12% Scope 3
-60% Scope 1 and 2
-18%Scope 3