As part of Agrati’s sustainability commitment, societal engagement is an important pillar that contributes to the solution of relevant societal challenges for communities surrounding its sites and vulnerable communities worldwide A vivid society with high social cohesion needs voluntary engagement

Therefore, Agrati is determined to contribute to a sustainable society and supports its employees to engage in local volunteering options Volunteering is a unique and virtuous experience that can bring tangible benefits to every one to the workers, to the non profit organizations, to their charitable activities, to the company itself and to the territory to which all this returns It is a tangible sign of active citizenship and inclusion in the productive sphere.

Every year some Agrati employees participated in few days of Corporate Volunteering carried out various activities with different associations.

Employees that took part in this initiative have brought a tangible support to the local community and to the members of TikiTaka but also they gained for themselves a lot strengthen team spirit, develop social and emotional skills and actively shape their social environment.