Success in imponderable times

Success in imponderable times

“New tariffs for the US, a shaky Brexit, EV quotas in China, Diesel hysteria in Germany. Self-driving or even flying cars, ride sharing and tunnel transportation. Industry 4.0 and Robo-retail. This is the new world of the auto industry.

There is more data than ever before. But linear developments are threatened by radical shifts and disruption. The principles of free trade and globalization are being challenged ever more often. At the same time digitalization relentlessly increases the pressure on business models and processes in the entire automotive industry.

Failed forecasts from market researchers and consulting firms show that scientific predictions more and more often do not lead to the expected outcome. Thinking in ever-changing scenarios is becoming a crucial capability. John Maynard Keynes’ theory of the Animal Spirits appears to be more relevant in this new context than ever before. Besides all instincts, the great economist had identified optimism as the driving force of the economy.

I am convinced that you will experience driving optimism from the movers and shakers at our congress in Berlin. Find out more about the strategies of top executives from leading companies and brands, but also from the founders of visionary startups. The Automobilwoche Kongress will provide orientation and put you in a better position to take the right decisions in imponderable times. As always in a pioneering, critical and independent way.”

Helmut Kluger
Publisher Automobilwoche