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Agrati is getting ready for digitalization

Attention to people has been in Agrati’s DNA since its foundation, as has the desire to innovate and react quickly to change.
In an ever-changing context, today the company’s DNA needs to be enriched with new skills to enter the digital era, once again focusing on people.
The first objective we have set ourselves is to spread the culture of digital and innovation in Agrati. We want to create a common language, to give everyone, from production staff to managers, in all the countries where we are present, the skills to innovate and face global challenges.

Where did we start from?

First of all, we wanted to understand how ready our organisation, which is so complex and wide-ranging, is to face the digital transformation. We therefore carried out a ‘digital checkup’ on the entire population, an assessment through an online questionnaire with the aim of photographing both the level of digital maturity, i.e. the ability to derive value from digital technologies, and the aptitude for lateral thinking, i.e. the ability to download innovation and ‘solve’ problems in creative ways.
The project, carried out in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan, involved the Group’s Italian offices in this first pilot phase, with the aim of extending it to all countries in the medium term.

What results have we achieved with the digital checkup?

Considering the complexity of the topics addressed, the internal survey was a great success, which means that we have a fabric of collaborators who are willing and predisposed to the digital evolution we are experiencing.
After all, today we all use technology in our personal lives, and this is evident from the good percentage of survey participants who were prepared or predisposed to learning.

What are the next steps?

From the results of the digital check, a major ‘digital’ training project is now being developed, which will eventually form the basis and form part of Agrati University
In a first step, the project will consist of a digital literacy programme for Italian employees
In a second step, the project will consist of forming a team of digital ‘champions’, based on the skills and aptitudes that emerged during the digital check-up. The role of the champions will be that of internal facilitators and promoters of digitisation on processes and organisation, as well as agents for change and skills dissemination.