Change management and the role of training: Agrati Group case study | HR Link

[article written by Giuseppe Nuzzi, HR Link]

How does Agrati manage the change?

To answer this and other relevant questions about training and digitalization, Andrea Sala, Group Operations Director and Valentina Mapelli, HR Manager Italy of Agrati, together with Marta Rispoli, Head of Orientation and Training at MADE, the Competence Centre set up by Mise (Italian Ministry of Economic Development), were interviewed by Giuseppe Nuzzi.

At Agrati, we focus a lot on continuous learning (A. Sala)

We have an approach that favours meeting needs: from the general training plan to each individual training whether internal or external, everything is analysed and designed to meet needs and respond to gaps with a view to ‘bringing everyone on board’ and thus having the agents of change directly inside (V. Mapelli)

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