AU opens up to suppliers: AU for Partners

Agrati commitment to enabling better collaboration with its stakeholders extends to suppliers as well: the courses, under the Agrati University label, have been created specifically for the supply chain with which Agrati collaborates.


First of all, for us Agrati University is a continuous learning ecosystem, where employees, but also customers, suppliers and students, immerse themselves in tailor-made training courses, guided by 67 qualified internal and external trainers.

By continuously sharing knowledge, it is possible to enhance existing skills, discover new perspectives and constantly innovate, taking care of people’s professionalism.

Therefore, our knowledge is a dynamic factor, because it is continuously shared and improved through everyone’s learning, work and experience, and is the basis for achieving corporate goals.

Agrati University was established to fill the gap in the labor market at the time, when qualified people for production were hard to find. Over time, the courses have evolved, providing for different topics, and expanding from employees to external stakeholders, such as customers, students, and suppliers.


This gave rise to AU for Partners, aimed at customers and suppliers who want to improve their level of knowledge about our business, in order to enhance the working partnership between us.

Specifically, the AU for Suppliers courses are divided into 6 macro-categories:

  • – Manufacturing
  • – Innovation
  • – Technical
  • – Quality
  • – Management
  • – HR & EHS Sustainability

Indeed, we recognize that our partners are our greatest asset, and we in turn want to be a source of value to them by supporting them and teaching them our most advanced techniques.



“We learn by doing!