Agrati还实施了一个多语种的在线平台,用于举报非法行为(举报热线),所有利益相关者都可以通过以下链接进入该平台。Agrati 诚信线



Agrati believes that ethics and integrity are essential elements upon which relationships with stakeholders must be built. The sharing of a corporate culture made on the principles contained in its Code of Ethics, which goes beyond mere compliance with the law, constitutes the basis for the creation of long-term value in favour of shareholders, workers, customers, suppliers, local institutions and communities in order to establish, preserve and develop a constant trusting relationship.

For this reason, Agrati has adopted a set of tools – published below – that are required to guide the behaviour of those involved every day in its business towards integrity, impartiality, fairness, respect, enhancement of people and transparency.

Agrati has also implemented a multilingual online platform for reporting unlawful conduct (whistleblowing line), which is accessible to all stakeholders through the following link: Agrati integrity line.