Joint Research Center MATT: new opening

Inauguration of MATT- Metal And Transformation Technologies

On 24 October, the new opening of the headquarters the Joint Research Centre MATT – Metal And Transformation Technologies . The partners of the JRC, Politecnico di Milano, Mario Frigerio S.p.A., Agrati S.p.A., Growermetal S.p.A., O.R.I. Martin Acciaieria e Ferriera di Brescia S.p.A. and ITLA Bonaiti s.r.l., wished to share this moment with the authorities, the associative and entrepreneurial world.

What is JRC MATT?

JRC MATT represents an example of a strategic and cultural approach to innovation, which leverages the concept of Open Innovation as a tool to create value and increase the competitive advantages of those involved. JRC MATT proposes itself as a physical and virtual place for collaboration, design and creation of shared know-how in response to an increasingly complex global market that demands new ways of organising innovation processes, forging vertical and horizontal alliances and developing a collaborative approach involving the combination of knowledge, technologies and resources across company boundaries.

The new JRC MATT headquarters


The MATT shared research centre can now avail itself of a physical space that will offer members the opportunity to work in sharing technologies and resources, just a few steps away from the campus of  Lecco University. The plant, the former headquarters and production heart of Mario Frigerio S.p.A., is the result of skilful industrial redevelopment and the owner’s desire to make an ‘Innovation Lab‘ available to the territory in which to generate new knowledge.
Launched in the midst of a pandemic, and after more than two years of activity, the companies in the partnership confirm that the innovative model of collaboration between research and supply chain companies created within the JRC is leading to important results. “This is a challenging project that we have worked on with enthusiasm,” says Marco Tarabini, the JRC’s scientific coordinator. “I would like to thank the companies that believed in the initiative, in the added value provided by the scientific collaboration of the Politecnico of Milano, and in the opportunities for synergy with players in the supply chain. The space inaugurated today is a source of impetus: the projects devised will be able to find their testing ground here and be validated. I sincerely thank Lucia Frigerio for having given the JRC MATT this important opportunity’.

AGRATI’s vision

“AGRATI believes that its participation in this JRC is fundamental with a view to building an ecosystem of innovation that will enable the entire Italian metal transformation supply chain to be the best in the world in terms of technological excellence. The sharing of knowledge and resources should increase the ability to manage the complexities of the market in a period of great transformation. We also expect that the JRC can be a tool for the development and enhancement of the region, including through the development of young talent’. Paolo Pozzi, Group Chief Executive Officer Agrati S.p.A.