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Over time, Agrati has also specialized in the production of nuts. These are internally threaded elements that can be used for various applications in the automotive sector, such as chassis, shocks, interiors, braking and safety systems, as well as engines and transmissions.

Nearly 2 million nuts are produced each month, and over the years, all stages of the process have been perfected, from design to shipment, in order to ensure increasingly high standards of quality and safety, resulting in zero defects in the product.

Our teams of engineering and innovation experts are capable of autonomously developing the best solution tailored to the needs of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, either independently or based on the provided customer design.


The main advantages of this product are its exceptional modularity and the plurality of solutions that are able to offer ease of replacement and versatility of use.

Allows the product to be customized in partnership with the automotive customer, and it also enables achieving very high operating loads and assembly with other elements.

One example is the anti-unscrewing feature, designed to resist torsional stresses and prevent accidental unscrewing during use. It is particularly useful in environments where it is important to securely hold components in place.

This is achieved through Nylon and plastic inserts, adhesives pre-applied in the thread (patches) and plastic deformation of the steel. All of these factors make this type of product multifunctional.


All of these solutions can also be combined with flat washers or cups to preserve contact surfaces, metal and plastic clips and cages for assembly line automation, and clearance recovery in joints.

In addition to these countless applications where the nut plays the lead role, in addition to weld-on nuts and cages, there are also wheel nuts for cars and trucks.

These technologies, combined with specific heat treatments, enable us to achieve and guarantee the mechanical properties defined in ISO 898-2 or according to customer specifications.