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Nuts, internally threaded fasteners, have many different applications in the automotive, commercial vehicle markets: chassis, body & interiors, brakes and safety solutions, engine, power train and driveline systems.

The main nut advantage lies in their modularity and plurality of solutions which provide an ease of replacement and use versatility through simple threaded holes.

Different geometries and materials allow them to reach very high operating loads and they are given multifunctional features through assembly with other components/elements.

An example is the Self-Locking Function, obtainable through nylon and plastic inserts, glues pre-applied inside threads (patches), steel plastic deformation (metal prevailing-torque effect), conical and special washers.

All these solutions are also combinable with washers or caps, to preserve counterparts surfaces, plastic clips and metal cages, to improve the assembly line automation and joints tolerances recovering.

Welding nuts and cageswheel nuts for cars, trucks and commercial vehicle and special parts, specifically designed or produced according to customer drawings and requests, complete the countless application panel where the nut is the protagonist.