Sustainability as a key mechanism to address the future challenges and to create a healthy development model for us, future generations and the environment that surrounds us.

In line with its corporate strategy, Agrati continues to engage in compliance with environmental, social and governance best practices (ESG).

The monitoring and the understanding of the external context, within a circular economy strategy, in the perspective of a sustainability report, now as in the past, becomes essential to grow and continue to invest in research and development.

In this section of its website, Agrati intends to share with stakeholders its sustainability report, containing the performance achieved.


“We want to communicate the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects in business processes, strategy, and corporate model of Agrati Group”

Sustainability by numbers

- 1%
CO2 emitted
vs 2019
Recycled input
Through focused energy efficency initiatives
of purchases from
local suppliers
- 1%
Emission Intensity
vs 2019
from renewable sources

Sustainability by Voice