Agrati Group is recognized today as a global player in the fasteners industry by its customers and competitors.
Agrati Production System is the synthesis of the way we work within the Group and is the process for us to reach:

Agrati Group - Agrati Production System

The Agrati production system (the acronym is APS) has the aim to be the synthesis of our production concepts for the entire Group, to move the operations through the concept of ”Agrati 4.0”.

The goal is to create a consistent standard to be applied in each division in the world, in order to ensure the group’s global capability and quality.

One System,
one identity,
one Single Perception

for Customers and Employees


Lean thinking is our working way and the basis of the Agrati Production System.
It impacts processes and even people’s behaviours and attitude. Agrati keeps its mind open continuously to extend our manufacturing capabilities and enlarge our knowledge, by planning our operations on long terms perspectives.
Our target is to spread this culture all over the Group, including non-operations departments.