Developing, with Customer, innovative fastening solutions.


  • We are committed to supply excellent products and services through cutting-edge technologies.
  • We are determined in preserving and caring for the environment.
  • We listen to our customers and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them.
  • Total Quality is at the core of our process.
  • Customer satisfaction is our final goal.
  • We support and supply our customers globally.

“Developing with customer
innovative fastening solutions”


Corporate Vision and Mission derive from shared values that guide AGRATI Group activities and form the basis of our way of being and working.
People are the main and constant reference point of our actions.

Respect: colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment, rules and working principles.

Proactivity: that’s our capacity to anticipate your needs. Anticipation of customer needs provides extended enterprise value for all parties.

Innovation: innovation is everywhere in technology in organizations outside our company. To be innovative and prepare for the future, we solve problems and bring our customers new solutions that provide value.

Accountability: accountability means we are responsible for what we do. Individually and collectively. Accountable for time, money, all expended resources and to achieve results.

Communication: relationships are the link between people. Building constructive relationships between us and with our customers is the basis of our success. Good relationships contribute to working well together.

Team Spirit: the attitudes to work together, sharing information and knowledge through the same objective. We are cooperative and we work as a team.

Continuous learning: learning, share information & knowledge, giving everyone an opportunity to grow. What we have learned years ago will become obsolete, constant learning is vital for all of us.

Sustainability: this is the success factor that steers corporate growth and the achievement of the company’s economic, operational, environmental and social targets.

These shared values distinguish AGRATI Group in the market for its unique style, and inside the company for the great sense of belonging to all our employees.

“Respect • Proactivity
• Innovation • Accountability
• Communication • Team Spirit
• Continuous Improvement”