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Agrati experience can manage customized mechanical characteristics, with the possibility to obtain very high strength bolts, up to property classes 12.9, 14.9, 12.8 or 14.8. Agrati produces special bolts according to customer drawings, for the main automotive applications: suspensions, brakes, steering, wheels, body, interiors, safety systems, engine and driveline.

From technical point of view, a bolt is a mechanical element constituted by a helical external thread and by a head that permits the installation through tightening tools.

It is a simple product that transforms the circular movement into straight, often used to develop joints that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

The realization of high strength bolts is obtained through cold forging machines, with further rolling operations to create the thread, without machining.

Captive washersself-aligning ends for automatic assemblies, anti-loosening systems like thread patches can be supplied, with the constant aim to optimize the bolt geometry for weight reduction.

These technologies, combined with specific heat treatment cycles, can guarantee the respect of the mechanical characteristics requirements given by ISO 898-1 standard or by customer design criteria.