TOKBO: a system that brings IoT to the fastener industry

December 2021. The TOKBO company is born, from a joint venture that combines Agrati‘s international leadership in the production and marketing of fastening solutions with the expertise of e-Novia in the creation and growth of companies operating in the field of deep tech applied to precision mechanics.

TOKBO develops devices for the constant and remote monitoring of both temporary infrastructures, such as scaffolding, and static infrastructures, such as buildings, bridges and road protection systems. TOKBO offers new and more effective safety standards and simplifies critical maintenance operations.

The smart solution consists of: hardware products, with structural bolts that become probes for monitoring the clamping force, vibration and temperature; electronics and digital platforms that constantly analyze the key components, visible and non-visible, of the structures to monitor their compliance and conservation status, as well as maintenance services for security purposes.

TOKBO is an Intelligent Talking Bolt Network, a system that brings IoT to the fastener industry, setting the benchmark for mechanical components that integrate digital electronics.

The company, controlled by Agrati, provides for an investment plan of 1.8 million euros for the establishment and launch of the joint venture. The Board of Directors has appointed Andrea Costantini (Executive Vice President Agrati) as Chairman of the Company and Ivan Moroni as CEO. The Board draws on the expertise and experience of Paolo Pozzi (CEO Agrati), Vincenzo Russi (Co-founder and CEO e-Novia) and Ivo Boniolo (Co-founder and COO e-Novia).

Ivan Moroni, CEO of TOKBO, declares: “With TOKBO we open a new chapter for Agrati, entering the digitalization of the product, combining it with the provision of a support service, analysis and monitoring of the joints. Our goal is to sensorize the fixings and serve all those joints where Agrati’s expertise can create real added value for the customer, solving issues such as maintenance and, even more, simplifying the life cycle of the structure on which TOKBO will be applied. We are only at the beginning of a journey that will see us expand the range of products offered with which we can reach a wide audience of customers over time, ranging from the construction sector to the industrial one, where in recent months we have found a concrete interest and unresolved needs to date.”

Ivo Boniolo, COO of e-Novia, says: “The joint venture with Agrati is a confirmation of the value that can be generated in Italy through corporate venture capital, when the industry, expertise and technical-scientific culture of the deep tech sector combine. Thanks to TOKBO we respond today, with civil industry 4.0 solutions, to the demand for smart infrastructure.”