Agrati Innovation Journey



by Walter Mauri – Agrati Group Innovation Officer

Such an intuitive, but revolutionary paradigm, is the foundation of Hyperloop doctrine. Our Innovation Day guest speaker Mr Bibop Gresta, Hyperloop Italia (Co-founder), inspired us to turn a daily issue (traffic jam for a commuter) into the seed of an innovative venture (a sci-fi hyper-train).

Moving back to a more familiar reality, since 2020, we have been dealing with plenty of issues. How to turn them into potential venture? By gliding into innovation resistance-free. Or at least moving forward with the minimum possible resistance.

Our fasteners do not look remotely as a kite. However, their design, manufacturing, quality and process management do stir some sort of resistance every time our travel takes us away from our well-known path, or rather comfort zone.

On November 15th, the Agrati Innovation Day 2022 proved how the 2021 seeds finally have started growing into actual projects. Some greener than others! Our mission is now to keep watering these ideas together with the aim of strengthening them. This is not a one-man band show, it is a common venture well beyond the Agrati Tech Centre walls. It is more of an open innovation ecosystem matter.

On November 16th, the Agrati Tech Day 2022 confirmed the will to invest time and commitment, no matter the geographical or background boundaries. As Mr Claudio Longoni, our Group Application Engineering Manager, strongly advised: teamwork is the key. All the prototypes and products showcased on the venue tables are the tangible result of a Group working together, included partners.

We are well-aware that we are still learning the best way to succeed in working together. Sometimes, we still witness to passionate discussions among passionate colleagues. However, an open and constructive debate is beneficial to our growth, even when at first we do not like the critiques we receive.

Innovation implies changing and changing is not for free nor effortless. It takes going the extra mile.

We can appreciate two significant successful ventures: TOKBO & the partnership with Atotech an MKS Brand.

The first has surely been exceeding our expectations. However, it is the result of a continuous and strenuous effort of our Matteo Villa (Impact Innovation Manager) and Ivan Moroni (New Business Development Director).

The second involved ATC team working side by side with Atotech in designing and manufacturing a brand-new and versatile benchmark for conductivity testing.

All the above lead us in choosing the MATT Joint Research Centre facility as the best setting to exhibit such attitude towards proactive collaboration between Academy (Polo territoriale di Lecco – Politecnico di Milano) and Industries.

Innovation is a bumpy road. However, we are getting there, together.